Theme of the Workshop

  • The international workshop WEDHIA is part of the 4-year Talent Cultivation Project for Digital Humanities (TCDH) sponsored by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education.The project and the workshop are engaged in the idea of consilience between science and the humanities. While various efforts have been tried before TCDH, the gulf between science and the humanities remain palpable (Slingerland and Collard, 2011). The current ICT and digital revolution can either deepen the gap or, if properly channeled, facilitate consilience. It is the latter the essential goal of TCDH. To reach the goal, TCDH runs a large-scale experiment by encouraging novel course designs that integrate digital technology into the education of the broadly defined humanities. In the meanwhile, WEDHIA is organized as a platform to connect the international communities of scholars, pragmatists, and policymakers with similar pursuits.

  • In its inceptive years, WEDHIA (WEDHIA 2018, WEDHIA 2019) were held as a satellite event of the International Conference of Digital Archives and Digital Humanities (DADH 2018, 2019 respectively). With its increasing scale, WEDHIA has been held as an independent event since 2020. Nevertheless, given its affinity to DADH, WEDHIA 2021 remains to be scheduled close to DADH 2021, with just one-week apart. The theme of this year is “The Fusion of Humanities and Digital Transformation: Retrospect and Prospect,” as detailed in the Call for Papers.